Finding Dispensaries Open Late

We’ve all been there. It’s late. You go to grab for your bowl or stash and come up empty *gasp*.

When you’re out of cannabis who you gonna call? Nope, not Ghostbusters … you need a Dispensary Open Late. But finding Dispensaries Open Late is easier said than done, especially when you’re looking for one at the last minute in the middle of the night.

In this guide, we cover how to find a dispensary open late NEAR YOU, and what to look for when shopping for a dispensary that’s open “after hours”.

cannabis in jars

How to Search for a Dispensary That’s Open Late

So you’re out of smoke and it’s past 7:00 pm, it happens. We’ve been there. It isn’t a good feeling and you’re probably kicking yourself for not planning ahead.

While some of us need it to kick back and relax, some of us need it as a medication to get through the day or night. In other cases, even if you can do without it now, you might need to ‘wake and bake’ and won’t be able to if you don’t have any at the ready when you get up.

When you’re experiencing an emergency shortage and you’re strapped for time, most people just start searching for dispensaries online. Seems sensible. After all, you can find almost anything online these days, right?

While you can find almost anything online, it can still take time. And finding dispensaries that are actually open past standard hours can be frustrating.

It takes less time than having to find a phone book and call each dispensary individually, but it still takes a while to sort through the mess of listings (many of which aren’t even up to date and accurate we might add).

Neighborhood Dispensary to the Rescue!

Part of why we created Neighborhood Dispensary to begin with was to support cannabis users like you get what you need, when you need it, without the stress, hassle and time waste.

We got tired of sorting through outdated listings, inaccurate info, and making phone calls to ‘verify’ that the dispensary was actually open….heck, sometimes the dispensary didn’t even exist (WTF!).

This is why we work so hard to bring you a directory you can trust. Our site is actively maintained with all ACTIVE, IN BUSINESS, and OPEN dispensaries you can get to fast…even late at night.

By using our built-in filters you can sort by type, product, and driving distance, allowing you to get your bud and skip the duds.

Safety Tips

Going for a late-night errand anywhere has its risks. But a dispensary run is even riskier. Due to banking laws surrounding cannabis, dispensaries are a ‘cash only’ operation. Meaning would-be criminals KNOW you have or will soon have cash in hand.

Below are a few safety tips to make sure you get there and back without issue…

  1. When going to a dispensary, you should try to avoid carrying large amounts of cash on your person. It’s especially important to avoid bringing a large sum of cash with you when looking for a dispensary late at night.
  2. Find a dispensary with an ATM inside or just outside the doors. The last thing you want to do is be fumbling to get cash from an ATM in an underlit area across the street.
  3. Seek out dispensaries that have well-lit outdoor areas, tend to be busier (even at late night hours) and that ideally have security personnel on staff. It would be imprudent to venture to a dispensary that doesn’t have any security in the middle of the night.

Tips for Avoiding an Emergency Run

One of the best ways to avoid inconveniencing yourself by having to look for a dispensary late at night is to avoid having to make an emergency run in the first place.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the hassle of making an emergency run altogether.

  1. First of all, you can avoid this situation by saving the money to stock up in advance. Easier said than done, but adding your daily, weekly, or monthly cannabis allowance into your existing budget can be a real stress-saver.
  2. Stock up when possible and as far ahead of time as reasonable. That way, if you decide to host a party unexpectedly you won’t have to run around town desperately searching for a dispensary that’s still open at night.
  3. Another precaution you can take is to keep track of how much you’re using. By keeping an account of how much you use, you can avoid sudden shortages and ration out what you do have until the next payday.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, you should stock up as much as you can and keep track of how much you go through.

When you absolutely must go to a dispensary in the middle of the night, you should go to one that has security and an ATM on site.