Are You Dabbing at The Right Temperature?

Dabbing is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience cannabis. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most challenging ways to get a hit.

If you’re new to dabbing, it could be difficult to decide what temperature to use. Some swear by low temperatures; others believe high temperatures are best. Who’s right?

The perfect temperature for a dab depends on a few things: your intended experience, your flavor preferences, and your feelings toward lung-friendly versus lung-straining dabs.

Dabbing isn’t easy. However, if done properly, it can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing rituals of your week. Keep reading for tips on how to dab at the best temperature for you:

two trays of cannabis dabbing

What’s the best temperature for dabbing?

First, it’s important to understand there is no universal “best” temperature for dabbing. Each individual will carry their own preferences and expectations into the dabbing experience. Rather than looking for the “best” temperature, look for the temperature that’s right for you.

Cannabis’s flavor and effects come from a variety of compounds. Each responds differently to heat.

Because of these many qualities, the ideal temperature for dabbing depends on your personal preferences. Keep reading to find out the best temperatures for flavor, for a high, and for lung health:

What’s the best temperature for flavor?

“Terpenes” refers to a wide range of chemicals that flavor cannabis. Some of these chemicals become aromatic at low temperatures. Others present at higher temperatures. As a result, you can customize the flavor of your dab easily by changing its temperature.

For aromas reminiscent of pine, you’ll want to heat cannabis high in pinene. This terpene smells similar to Christmas trees and mysterious abandoned forests. It carries a hint of mountain grandeur. Pinene boils at a relatively low temperature—close to 300°F. Don’t go much beyond 315°F if you want to fully enjoy this aroma.

Limonene is found in lemons, and oranges, and limes; for a fruity, citrus-flavored dab, find cannabis high in this terpene. Limonene boils at a higher temperature than pinene. To really enjoy a dab of anti-inflammatory citrus cannabis, try dabbing closer to 350-375°F. You’ll lose some of the pine scent—but gain a tropical paradise.

Linalool has one of the highest boiling points of all the cannabis compounds. Unlike pinene and limonene, linalool is floral. Its aroma will remind you of summer wildflowers, calming herbal teas, and peaceful gardens. Heating your dab to 390-400°F to really bring out this zen flavor.

As you may have noticed, not many cannabinoids respond well to temperatures above 400°F. If you’re dabbing for flavor, keep your temperatures low.

What’s the best temperature for feeling the effects of a dab?

THC binds with receptors in the brain to produce a high; ironically, high temperatures will produce more THC-influenced effects than low temperatures.

THC boils around 315°F, but its effects are more pronounced closer to 400°F. Be careful: the highest you can dab without scorching your cannabis is 450°F, at which point you’ll begin losing THC as well.

What’s the best temperature for health?

CBD interferes with euphoria and decreases inflammation—medical users may prefer more CBD influence in their dab than THC.

CBD must reach a minimum temperature to produce effects, but should not be over-heated to avoid destroying important medical qualities. It’s generally best experienced at low-temperature dabs.

Low-temperature dabs are also recommended for lung health. As dabs begin to climb above 500°F, the cannabis begins to combust. This combustion releases toxic chemicals similar to those released when smoking a cigarette. The result: higher risk for lung problems.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing temperatures are as unique as fingerprints. Each person has their own blend of ideal euphoria, flavor, and health benefits, and these can be changed simply by tweaking a dab’s temperature. If you’re looking for euphoria, dab high. If you’re interested in pine or citrus flavors, dab low. As a general rule, keep your dabs between 300-500°F for best flavor and benefits

Beyond those guidelines—experiment! Try your favorite strain at a few different temperatures, and compare how you feel after your dab. Talk with friends about their ideal dabbing temperatures. Before long, you’ll find your own personal “sweet spot” for the perfect dab.